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Search Tips

Quick Search
Start here to search the database on a free text search basis. Enter relevant keywords or combinations of keywords to find images that meet your needs.

Advanced Search
Our Advanced Search page enables you to search the Tate collection by keyword, category and artist’s name.

Enter a single keyword or combinations of keywords to find the perfect image.

Digital images

Digital Standards
Tate Images aims to provide digital image files of the highest standards so that images from the Tate Collection can be reproduced accurately.

The low-resolution jpg files displayed on our website are saved at 72dpi and are watermarked. This watermarked image can be used without permission only within your organisation as a 'comp'.

Once you have purchased reproduction rights, you will be sent a watermark-free image for final use.

Our high-resolution files are made from the original RAW camera file saved as a 300dpi, colour corrected and profiled, colour profile embedded, rgb tiff format file, spotted at 100%, without sharpening, with copyright information embedded as metadata.

Should you wish to use a very small detail or to reproduce the image significantly larger than the original please let Tate Images staff know. It may be necessary to re-photograph or re-scan the image to meet your exact needs.

If the image you want is not already available as a high-resolution image file we will order a scan for you. The high-resolution image file will then be uploaded to the Tate Images website for you to purchase and download within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Downloading images
To access the high-resolution image file please add the image to the shopping trolley and continue the process to the checkout. Once you have completed your credit card purchase, the image will be sent to your desktop.

To re-download that image please go to your receipt The image will be available for 30 days from purchase.


To work out how much a reproduction fee is for the use of an image please click the £ icon underneath the image, which appears once you have registered and logged in. You do not have to enter an image into a Shopping Trolley to work a fee out. Not all fees are on-line. If there is a specific usage that you cannot find please contact us for rates, terms and conditions.

Pricing and purchase details

Pricing Calculator
A selection of fees can be calculated on-line for Academic, Editorial, Exhibitions, Product and Promotional usages. Please Register or Sign In to operate the Pricing Calculator. Click on the £ icon next to the image you want to use and a pop-up pricing calculator will appear. Select the drop-downs relevant to your proposed use of that image and the calculator will give you a price.

To use the pricing calculator you will be asked for the following information:

Usage: How do you propose to use the image?
i.e. within an Academic, Editorial, Exhibitions, Product or Promotional context.
Media: What media do you want to use the image in?
i.e. within a book, magazine, journal, guide, newspaper or on a postcard, calendar or website.
Territory: Where will the Media be distributed?
i.e. within 1 country, or throughout the world, or within a specific region or national.
Specify Language: if required please specify the language the Media will be published in.
Size up to &/or placement: What size and where will the image be used in relation to the final work?
i.e. ¼ page, ½ page inside, cover front or cover back.
Distribution up to: If you're printing the image how many copies will be printed, or how many copies of the Media will be sold?
Duration: How long will the licensed Media be in circulation?
Electronic distribution up to: How many digital copies of the Media will be distributed or sold?

If you continue to the Checkout Page then you will be asked the following additional information.

Publication title or project description: Please enter the title of the publication, Journal, or project?
End User (Publisher, Company etc.): What is the name of the client using this licensed reproduction?
Date of publication or usage: Please enter the date from which the Media is going to be made available from.

You can also calculate the price by clicking the 'shopping trolley' icon underneath the thumbnail to add the image to your order.

Purchasing Images
To purchase images click on the shopping trolley icon to add to your shopping cart. You can continue shopping after adding images to your shopping cart if you wish.

You can pay for images either online by entering credit card details, or you can set up an account with us enabling you to download images and be invoiced for them at the end of every month.

Captions, Credit lines and Copyright

Captioning the artwork and crediting the photography is a requirement of copyright law and is a condition of your licence to reproduce any Tate image.
Please caption the artwork and the photography in the following ways:

Artwork Caption Line: title, date, artist name (birth & death dates).
Photo Credit Line: Photo ©Tate.

Clients who have omitted the credit or printed an incomplete or incorrect credit will be charged 100% of the original licence fee, as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding credit lines please contact us.


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Please Register or Sign In to operate the Shopping Trolley and Checkout Process.